By Clemence Tashaya

Namibians last Tuesday joined the rest of the world in commemorating Valentine’s Day with florists and gifts shops recording a brisk business all over the world. Valentine’s Day is equally considered the best and worst day for the year for most of the college students all over the world.  For some, Valentine’s Day is all about spending that day with their significant others.  It’s all about smothering them in boxes of chocolates, gifts and flowers.   It’s about purposefully setting the entire day aside just to make sure that they are happy.

However, its observation has been marked with a difference at Eenhana Vocational Training Centre (EVTC) this time around.   Eenhana Vocational Training Centre has commemorated Valentine’s Day by engaging in various health and sports activities such as HIV/AIDS testing for its trainees and employees while others were engaged in various sports activities. The Ministry of Health and Social Services has been called in to make sure that some of those volunteering trainees can be tested for HIV/AIDS and other equally deadly diseases such as cancers and TB.

“We like trainees from EVTC who have volunteered to be tested for HIV and other diseases because it shows that as youths in Namibia, they want to be serious with their lives, careers and their future. The turnout was overwhelming and we should thank the EVTC management for accepting to our Valentine’s Day activities,” says an official from Ministry of Health and Social Services who declined to be named

A level 3 Office Administration trainee, Linekela Mweetako who participated in volley ball activities explained that he chose to wear a red t-shirt because of the special day.

“As much as l respect or celebrate Valentine’s Day here at our centre, l would rather participate in volley ball and soccer as l am good at these sports codes. Hope this trend will continue next year for the benefit of other trainees who shall be enrolled here because some of us will be leaving the centre on completion of level 3,” he explains

The Ohangwena Community radio (OCR) and Ministry of Information Communication and Technology (MICT) provided entertainment through music while the Ministry of Health and Social Services, NAPPA provided counselling and HIV testing for EVTC trainees. EVTC management and other members of staff also participated in the activities.

No lessons were conducted on this special day as trainers and all trainees were expected to be participating in the activities.IMG_6513